What to do about Roo?? Leaving His Comfort Zone

A parents
  • plea
  • hope
  • want
  • need
  • joy
  • love
to help their child.

What Our Readers Are Saying!

Megan B.

We received the book yesterday and it is absolutely brilliant. The bracelets have been working and while my niece is not without any anxiety. she has something that truly make her feel better. Her little brother died in a very sad way a few years ago, her mom is in prison, and her dad is on meth so she doesn’t see him…. but she talks all the time about missing them. I told her the book and the bracelet are supposed to help with the pain of missing them and this morning she said she rubbed the kangaroo all night before falling asleep and she feels better. It just cool that your sister came up with such an impactful thing and it works… it really really works. I have my bracelet on too and I told her we can give one to her mom and dad and brother so they can rub the roo if they feel sad (that was a lie…. but so is Santa) Either way, it made her feel better. Thanks for sharing about the book and thanks to Sarah for being so creative and awesome.

Lauren B.

Tonight was the first time I got to read this book to my little ones for bedtime. The kids and I absolutely adore it! My oldest is in kindergarten now. He is adjusting pretty well considering he has never been in daycare or preschool BUT as soon as we finished reading it he said with a sense of urgency he wanted to go to school! (Bedtime on a Friday… poor guy has to wait the whole weekend before he can experience the magic of this book lol)